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We need at least £150,000
Can you help?

Many people have already given.  Contributions of any amount, large or small, will be welcomed.  All monies raised will go into a designated fund purely for the bells.  Whatever your contribution, your name will (if you wish) be inscribed in a memorial book to be displayed in the church.  The book will then be preserved in our Church Archives and a copy lodged with the county and village archives.


An Appeal of Bells qualifies for Gift Aid.  For UK taxpayers, the government adds 25% to your donation at no cost to you: so for every £10 you give, we receive £12.50.



Would you and your family sponsor a bell, or another vital part?  Do talk to us about this.  Sponsor a bell, and your name can be recorded on a peal board in the church.*


It’s a huge undertaking, so support in whatever form will be gratefully received – we need your help to make it happen and so keep alive a village tradition that has run for hundreds of years.  They are the people’s bells.  Let’s leave a legacy that the village can be proud of so that future generations can hear what we hear today.



  • click here for a Donation & Gift Aid form, and return it to
    Church of St Peter & St Paul, Church Road, North Curry, Taunton TA3 6LJ


  • to donate online, click here to go to our JustGiving page
    Please note: JustGiving does not send us any contact details for you, so you will not receive personalised thanks from us.  We don't mean to be discourteous: we use the free-of-charge JustGiving account, which provides no facilities other than a basic money-transfer service.  Unless you require anonymity, your name and message will still be included in the published donor roll as they appear on the JustGiving site.  If you wish to be recorded differently, please contact us.


  • talk about your interest in renewing the bells, or your contribution, contact

            Geoffrey Dart     

            Martin Horrox      

            David Akerman   

            Mary Piers           


THANK YOU!  We really appreciate your interest and support.



* Conditions apply: please talk to us

Chair, Appeal of Bells.  Tel: O777 1713 444; email:

Fundraising, Appeal of Bells.  Email:; tel: 01823 491349

Churchwarden.  Tel: 01823 490234

Churchwarden. Email:; tel: 01823 491434

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