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October 2021
from the St Peter & St Paul magazine

Two excellent (but rather different) events


Helen Griffiths writes:


Vivaldi Concert August 21st

Huge thanks to the immensely talented performers, who were recruited by the bassist Ben (yes, he is a relation!) into coming to North Curry and breaking the music drought of the past 18 months with such
an amazing performance!


Thank you to all the people who helped to organize everything in advance and on the day.  If concerts are held in theatres or concert halls, there is a framework built in, so to speak.  Here in a church, by contrast, everything has to be sorted out from scratch – and that includes even closing the church for rehearsals and providing a trolley for the percussion as well as selling tickets and setting up refreshments and programmes and then clearing up afterwards.


Fenella Humphreys (violin), Ben Griffiths (double bass), George Barton (percussion) and Iñigo Mikeleiz Berrade (accordion) performing their interpretation of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  An unusual line-up (to say the least) but it succeeded triumphantly. 

Plenty of people have been in touch to tell me and others how much they enjoyed the evening – and indeed the cheers and rounds of applause at the end told its own story!  So thank you to everyone who came to the concert


By way of contrast, the gigantic Jumble Sale took place at my house (in the barn) on August 28th.  Many thanks again – to everyone who donated a positive mountain of books, pans, china and furniture; to everyone who turned up to help; and to all the people who came to buy!


A total profit of just under £3000 from the two events for the Appeal of Bells is pretty amazing – thank you everyone.

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