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Thank you to The Sharpe Trust

October 2022

The Sharpe Trust has kindly offered a grant of £500.

The late Frederick Sharpe, FSA, was one of the world's leading authorities on the history, technology, and music of bells. For many years he was a consultant expert on the subject and inspected many hundreds of towers and belfries. He also researched and wrote books on the church bells of Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Cardiganshire, and Radnorshire, and was a frequent lecturer to professional, learned, and other bodies. Frederick Sharpe died in February 1976. Inter alia, his Will provided a sum of money and nominated a group of Trustees (the "Sharpe Trustees") to hold and use the capital and income "in their sole discretion for the maintenance, repair, and restoration of Church Bells situate anywhere in England and Wales".


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