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Thank you to North Curry Quilters!

North Curry quilters have raffled a handmade patchwork quilt to raise £1,000 for the North Curry church bells appeal.


This informal group of 12 friends has been meeting fortnightly for 32 years, and they have worked for 18 months to create this vibrant new quilt.


The bells in North Curry have been largely silent for the last year and a half.  It is no longer safe to ring them. 


The quilters decided: “The bells are part of the fabric of village life and we wanted to play our part to help them ring out again. We thank everyone who has supported this fund-raiser by buying tickets. A big thank you also to Alison and Noel Prosser at the Post Office for letting us display the quilt in the shop window and for selling tickets.”

Over the years the group has made a number of charity quilts as well as personal quilts to mark family occasions including births and weddings.   The quilters decided to support the Appeal of Bells after their hugely successful exhibition in the church in 2019.  Donations from visitors at that time have funded the fabrics and thread to make the new quilt.



North Curry quilters give a cheque for £1000 to Geoffrey Dart, chair of the North Curry Appeal of Bells committee. The church bells and the frame that holds them in the tower date back more than 200 years.  It is no longer safe to ring them, and the village has started to raise £150,000 to renew the whole installation.

The quilt was the first prize in the raffle; second prize was a hamper of local produce donated by the quilters.  The winning tickets were drawn on Bank Holiday Monday (May 31) by the tower captain, Darren Woodyer.


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