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Appeal of Bells




Coach trip to Loughborough Bell Foundry

Thursday 24 November

Depart 8.00am from outside the church; return after 8.00pm


Tickets £30, only from North Curry Post Office

By buying one, you confirm that you accept the terms & conditions below


The Vicar, Rev Dr Simon Bale, intends to drive to Loughborough for the recasting on Thursday 8 December.  He is willing to take others in his car, or to hire a minibus.  If you are interested in joining him, please contact him direct: / 01823 491587 / 07970 936325.

​Terms & conditions

Numbers are strictly limited by the size of the viewing gallery at the foundry.

There will be two stops at service stations on the outward journey: one rest stop, one lunch stop.  On the return, there will be one rest stop.  The ticket cost is for travel only; food and refreshments are at your own cost.

We shall have a tour of the foundry, but the museum, café and shop are, alas, closed for redevelopment. 

The Foundry is an industrial workplace.  Wear stout shoes (no sandals, open toes or high heels).  You will not be let in if your footwear is unsuitable.  Wear warm clothes that you don’t mind getting dusty (or worse).

Floors are uneven, and there are stairs to the viewing area.  If you have restricted mobility, please tell us when you buy your ticket.  The tour may be inaccessible, but you can view the casting from the ground floor.

On the 24th bells 3 and 4 will be cast for North Curry.  Two other bells will be cast for a Sri Lankan temple, preceded by a short Hindu prayer ceremony. 

On 8 December bell 2 and the treble will be cast; on 22 December bells 5, 6, 7 and the tenor.  There will be no coach trip on either date.  If you would like to visit on those days, please contact the foundry directly: 01509 212241 /

The coach trip is offered at cost, not to raise funds.

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