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Draft Register of Supporters

Many people have supported the Appeal of Bells, in many different ways.  Over 300 made donations: most from in and around North Curry, a few from as far away as North America.  Over 1000 attended fundraising events.  Numerous others contributed their time, talent and expertise, and gifts in kind (eg for the online auction).  It has been a remarkable achievement for a small village.


Now we want to make sure that everyone – however they contributed – is publicly thanked (unless they choose to remain anonymous).  We shall publish a Register of Supporters that will be kept in the church, and copies will be lodged with the village and county archives.  It will not state how much people donated, nor for the most part how they contributed (whether cash or something else). 

You can see a draft of the Register here.

If your entry is not how you wish to appear - or if we have inadvertently omitted your name - please contact the churchwardens.

Hoisting #8.jpg

Photo: Colin Trim

We are writing to as many people as possible to tell them about the Register, but we don't have contact details for everyone.  Please mention it to others who you know have supported the Appeal.

Entries in the Register will follow certain conventions as far as possible, eg we prefer to use first names rather than title + initials, and any comment or dedication you wish to include should be 25 words at most.  The Parochial Church Council reserves the right to edit messages, but you would of course be consulted. 

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