Darren Woodyer

    The tower & Bells

    The octagonal tower supports eight bells, the heaviest weighing just over 16cwt, most of which date from 1811, although it is evident there were bells here for a long time before then - records go back to 1586. The bells used to be in what is now our ringing chamber and until 1833 the bells were a ground floor ring. In 1902 the bells were rehung and the iron girders were placed in the tower due to the old wooden supports were rotten. 

    Bell Weights

    Weight     Date             Founder

    5-3-10       1894              Mears & Stainbank

    6-1-13       1894              Mears & Stainbank

    6-1-10       1953              Mears & Stainbank

    7-3-2         1953              Mears & Stainbank

    9-1-4         1811              Thomas II Mears

    11-3-9       1811              Thomas II Mears

    13-3-2       1811              Thomas II Mears

    16-3-2       1811              Thomas II Mears

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