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Thank you, Cabaret in the Country!

'Celebrate the end of lockdown,' they said - and we certainly did.  The English weather, as so often, provided the perfect metaphor: drenching stay-indoors rain in the morning, clearing away and brightening the spirits as the first musical notes sang out.


The Bluebirds Theatre Company, supported by Tongues of Fire, brought their mobile Popera House to a field in North Curry, and a capacity audience brought their chairs, picnics and umbrellas.  Songs in the spirit of Cabaret the film, but recast for those with a (very) relaxed sense of humour, ramped up the pace of the first half.  Then, as dusk began to fall, the atmosphere turned suitably intimate and smoky with a repertoire of pieces for voice and saxophone.

Sasha Herriman led the Bluebirds; Andrew Meehan and George Jones organised the evening.

The Cabaret raised a fantastic £3300 for its two chosen charities: the Appeal of Bells and Third-World Covid vaccinations.  Thank you!


Cabaret in the Country: Ignore the grey clouds: hardly a drop of rain fell all evening as a capacity audience enjoyed songs they had heard before, but never quite like this - from raunchy reworkings of the original 'Cabaret' songs to Rossini's cat fight reimagined as a cattle battle.

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