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Age has made North Curry’s church bells unsafe.
We have raised £150,000 so far to renew them.
Will you help?

January 2023

Six of the eight bells have been recast at the Loughborough foundry. 

The last two were due to be cast on

Thursday 26 January

Bells have rung in North Curry church since at least the reign of Henry VIII.  Half of the current bells are already over 200 years old. 
They are a traditional part of the village, and not just for churchgoers.  The bells are heard by all: most often in the church clock chimes, which sound every quarter, day and night; but they also mark the turning points of village and personal life, from births and weddings to funerals. 
But the bells can no longer be rung as before.  The frame and fittings that support them, and the bells themselves, are wearing out.  It is no longer safe to ring the largest bells together. 
The best (and best-value) solution is to replace the frame and fittings and re-cast the bells.  The bells will live on for centuries to come.  The same notes will ring out, but more melodically.  The clock will continue to chime. 
To achieve this, we have had to raise at least £150,000: we cannot be sure what the final cost will be, so we are still fundraising. 
This is a real chance for us all to secure our bells and bell-ringing in the Cathedral of the Moors for future generations. 
Will you help us?  To donate now:
  • click here for a Donation & Gift Aid form, and return it to
    Church of St Peter & St Paul, Church Road, North Curry, Taunton TA3 6LJ


  • to donate online, click here to go to our JustGiving page

To read more, click here:
The past
The need
The solution
Can you help?


Please note: JustGiving does not send us any contact details for you, so you will not receive personalised thanks from us.  We don't mean to be discourteous: we use the free-of-charge JustGiving account, which provides no facilities other than a basic money-transfer service.  Unless you require anonymity, your name and message will still be included in the published donor roll as they appear on the JustGiving site.  If you wish to be recorded differently, please contact us.

#6 HR - compressed.jpg

24 November 2022: one of the new North Curry bells being cast at the Loughborough Bell Foundry (John Taylor & Co)  Photo: Colin Trim

Bell 3 cast.jpg

North Curry bells on ITV


Reporter Ben McGrail recorded the departure of the bells from the village in October 2022. He went to the foundry in December to see new ones being cast.  View his reports
on his Facebook page:


The second of the two bells cast: just removed from its case

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